An idea bigger than us

It's funny how an idea can get away on you, grow legs and become something bigger than you had imagined. started out as an idea to showcase Dunedin fashion retailers in one easy-to-find place. This seemed like a good idea until we realised it didn't have to be restricted to fashion, that Dunedin has a plethora of interesting things available to buy online that punters should know about. 

At the same time we had been keen for a specific network for e-commerce business owners in the same boat as us. It seemed that many of us were operating in isolation, having little triumphs and failures of our own. Surely, we thought, sharing these ups and downs would be beneficial to (and cathartic for) each other. On floating our idea for a group called Dunedin Online Traders (DOT) we found other business owners to be grateful and enthusiastic.

So both and Dunedin Online Traders were born. The first was conceived as the public front for the Traders' group. With we can showcase ourselves in a way that celebrates and promotes both our individuality and the common thread of which we are all proud, Dunedin. With DOT we can support one another, share knowledge and attract benefits for our group's members.


So, who are we? I am the co-founder and designer of Silkbody clothing, a 10-year old business that has evolved from small beginnings to a brand with an international reach and four dedicated country-specific ecommerce sites. My husband Sam is an Emmy-nominated designer with his own web design business, ( and a background in video game and web development. 

We are here to serve the public good and are excited about where this idea will be taken next. For more information on us, read the about page. To join us fill in the form here. Look out for the DOT section, coming soon (along with many more shop listings).

With thanks to the following for their support: Westpac Moray Place Business Banking, Dunedin City Council's Economic Development Unit, Tourism Dunedin, Otago Chamber of Commerce.