Profile: Most Wanted Vintage

If you love that particular buzz of finding a cool piece of vintage clothing then you will find a kindred spirit in Tannia Lee of Most Wanted Vintage.

For Tannia it’s an obsession. She’s addicted to the excitement of hunting out feature pieces, and the thrill of taking her collection to the next level. Her online store specialises in alternative vintage. She sources stand out pieces to liven up your wardrobe and to inspire you to dress outside the box.
“Vintage is a genre that can really challenge your fashion creativity as every item on the rack is different to the next. I love the rarity of an item, that you are the only one who wears this piece, and it stands for your individuality.”

Tannia moved to Dunedin recently from Wellington and, apart from the attraction of more affordable living here, she says Dunedin is a goldmine when it comes to sourcing vintage clothing. “I’m creating the opportunity for vintage lovers all around NZ to grab the good stuff that is coming out of Dunedin through our online store.”

So what sort of person makes a living out of the thrill of the hunt? Tannia loves to promote and support sustainable fashion and it makes her happy knowing that everyday she’s working towards a greener earth. After completing a Bachelor of Media Arts and Diploma in Post Production she worked as a video editor in the TV/Video industry for 4 years. Working in small companies meant she had the opportunity to take on roles like director, camera operator, motion graphic artist and production assistant. The skills acquired from this work and her degree enabled her to open and run her own vintage clothing shop in Wellington from 2010-1012.

Then Tannia’s IT geek husband was offered a cool job down here and they thought they’d grab the opportunity. “Wellington is a beautiful and creative place to live, but difficult to save money because we discovered you really ‘pay’ for that amazing lifestyle.”

Tannia’s vision is to support the idea of fashion being an independent expression. So, be brave, be confident and free yourself from the expectations of mainstream fashion. Shop online at Most Wanted Vintage!

As hard as it must be to pick a single piece, we managed to get Tannia to play favourites.

“I love this handmade be-dazzled jacket with sequins and multimedia fabrics. It is truly a one-of-a-kind, stand out feature piece which we showcased in our 2013 Lookbook.”

And what would she pick from Dunedin Online’s other stores? This Fantail Dress from The Cuckoo’s Nest.