Dunedin Online - Cuff Connections

An online cufflinks store run from Dunedin and supplying the world. With almost 1000 different designs there is something for everyone. Everything is priced under $30 per pair - great pricing for a gift, for an occasion, or to complement your style. We can even produce your own designed cufflinks!



Dunedin Online - Darkblack Handmade Jewellery

Darkblack is a handmade designer jewellery label, designed and manufactured in Dunedin, by artist and jeweller Jade Muirhead. Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of Darkblack pieces, mainly using sterling silver, gold and precious stones.



Dunedin Online - LoveLoops Jewellery

Meaning... Beauty... Quality... LoveLoops are the most gorgeous way to symbolise the special people and events in your life in absolute quality. Wear LoveLoops to represent your children, your marriage, your family, or whatever it is that you Love. Solid Sterling Silver and solid 9ct Gold are used to form the beautiful Loops that symbolise your love…LoveLoops. Designed, crafted, owned and operated in New Zealand.


Rata Jewellery

Dunedin Online - Rata Jewellery

Rata Jewellery presents an international collection but specialises in contemporary NZ designed and manufactured jewellery. We proudly showcase edgy, emerging designers including Cathy Pope, Tangello Tree and Odi Boutique and gorgeous ranges from established designers David Trubridge, Jill Main, Lisa Hoskin, Stone Arrow and Natty.